trully speaking, i’m angry at harmonizers. Really, why most of you guys have the need of joking/saying shit about/related to the other fandoms? I was looking that the #CecesWomenWarrior and almost all of the pics that are ‘joke’ (like, of models, of cartoons, of animals) were tweeted by harmonizers.

this is just unrespectful and I trully hope that the ones doing it will think twice before doing things like this again, because not all ‘jokes’ are cool.

SO overwhelmed with the fact that cece retweeted me like, again!!!

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uhn, sorry for not being online for a long while, but i pretty busy with lots of things.

i’m getting better at photoshop, and i’m planning on making a huge comeback!

Hwaiting! :D

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We are doing a project for CeCe if you want to get involved just follow the rules! And all your usernames will be in the project dont worry!

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CeCe Frey at the Grammy Party.
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omg, why there’s a porn girl in the cece tag?!?!

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meet cece frey.
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